Our Aim

At Keyword Competition, we strive to provide only the Best, Free, Keyword Research Tools online.

Initially, we created these tools solely to be used for ourselves. Our recent Projects has brought us into the world of Keyword Researching, and we decided to make Programs that will help make our work easier.

After seeing how Easily and Efficiently our first tool worked (Keyword Results Tool), we decided to share it with the public for Free, as a gift to others, to help them along in their Internet Marketing careers.

We are grateful for all the Free Advice and Tools we have been blessed with over the years, from other generous persons online. It is now our turn to give back and do the same.

You can expect to find Only High Quality Tools on this site!
They may not look very fancy and complex, and that is because we emphasize only on what is Important, and the Accuracy and Performance of each tool.

We don’t want to make products that are bloated with unnecessary features, or difficult to use and learn.

Everything you will find here, are Tools that we use ourselves on a constant business. We leave nothing out, and we share with you the same Programs that we built Optimally for ourselves.
So you can expect to get the best here!