Nuno Peralta

Nuno Peralta has been working in several projects, tools and companies since the tender age of 12.
He has years of experience in different areas of Programming and System Administration.

This growth came from his practical experience and teaching himself the skills and methodologies he needed to create anything he put his mind and hand at.

Nuno excels in: PHP, XHTML, JavaScript, MySQL, Memcached and Linux administration.
He has also knowledge and experience of Scalability Methods, SEO, Monetization and knows how to deal with the pressure when something is broken and needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

Nuno works together with his partner Andrew Davis, combining their skills to make up for what the other lacks, which helps them to both Successfully Grow in business with Joy and Will.

One of the first priorities of Nuno is that every project must have the Best Quality possible and must work well without any bug or limitation. He is looking forward to learn as much as he can, Growing his Experience and avoiding any mistake in the future.