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System Requirements:
Microsoft Windows: XP, Vista, 7, 8

Filesize: 243 Kb
Version#: 1.3

Windows XP users: If the program is not working for you, please try updating your .NET Framework to a newer version here: Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile

Keyword Results Tool is a Downloadable Program that helps Internet Marketers and other Business Analysts with their Keyword Research.

Here is a Very Detailed Tutorial on how it can be used: Earn $2159 Monthly with this Easy Method

The Number of Returned Results of a Keyword/Phrase in Google’s SERPs can be a very useful metric, if you know how to use it wisely.

Screenshot-ShadowHaving this Data, you can compare the Results Count of various related keywords, to have an idea of which keywords have possibly less competition in the Search Results.

Formulate that together with the Search Volume of each keyword (derived from Adwords Keyword Tool), and you can have a good idea of which keywords might be better to target for your business.

(Keyword Search Volume / Keyword Results Count) x 100 = Keyword Value

The higher the Keyword Value, the higher the chances are that the Keyword is easier to Profit with.

After examining which keywords have the best Keyword Value, one must then examine the Top 10 Results for that Keyword in Google’s SERPs, to truly see how Hard or Easy it is to rank for that Keyword.

Therefore, our Tool helps in the important step of filtering out the best potential Keywords.


If you are dealing with 500 Keywords to choose from, then I strongly recommend using the method outlined here.

Calculate the Keyword Value of each keyword, and then, begin examining the those with the highest Keyword Value, downwards, until you find a Winning Keyword!

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